Ed-admin Learning

A complete package for your institution

Powerful and intuitive learning management software
Ed-admin Learning A complete package for your institution

Ed-admin Learning is a browser-based application that streamlines and simplifies education management for institutions at all levels. Integrate administrative, teaching, and learning tasks into one user-friendly, custom-designed database. Ed-admin Learning was designed and developed by a core team of scholastic specialists and software developers to provide a versatile system that will grow with your needs and integrate into any environment, from specialised academia to large corporations.

Manage the finances with our time-saving tools

Keep all the necessary tools to manage your finances in one place. Everything from customer records and staff payroll to tuition and application fees at your fingertips. Make use of batch payments, automatic statements, and payment gateways to save yourself time and keep parents, customers, and suppliers satisfied.


Manage the admission process from enquiry to enrollment.

Applications have never been easier. Connect our Admission module to your website and enjoy automated processes from admission to re-enrollment to online fee collection.

Grow your academy with analytics

Identify strengths and weaknesses in your students with all-encompassing analytics monitoring. Assessment, behaviour observation, activity management, generated report cards and more, all available in one place.


More than 40 Modules

Covering All Aspects of Education Management, from Financial and Academic Tools to Communication and Staff Management

Student Daily Attendance

A flexible attendance module with dynamic options for recording different types of absenteeism. Includes automated SMS/email notification functionality plus automatic report card integration.

Academic Management

Allocate teachers and schedule classes with the option to implement specific subject and assessment structures.

Assessment Premium

Dynamic assessment management and reporting tools, including an integrated online grade book with various formats to capture and print report card information. Fits with all curriculum structures including PYP, IB, BGCSE and IGCSE.

Learning and Behaviour Management

Input a behaviour policy and record behaviour observations. Allocate rewards or penalties with a merit/demerit system.

Curriculum Management

Ensure consistency with your curriculum internally and externally, adhering to national competency standards. Your curriculum is connected automatically to your students and teachers through the Learning Management System.

Integrated Library Management System

Integrated library system with ISBN auto-cataloguing, barcode scan functionality and a library search feature.

Learning Support

Organise additional support above the standard curriculum for students, staff and parents.

Houses and Teams

Allocate students into houses, teams or tutor groups for school-wide activities.

Biometric Attendance

Track attendance with integrated biometrics.

CAS (Creativity, Action, Service)

Specially-tailored to the IB education system, track and manage your students CAS goals with this bespoke module.

Fee Administration

Comprehensive financial and accounting suite including fee administration, purchasing and requisitions, bills payable and supplier payments, inventory management, cashbook functionality, general ledger reporting and bank reconciliation.

Supplier Payments

Make payments towards finalised purchases.

Customer Payments

This module is used to keep track of customer payments and invoices.

Customers Transactions

Keep track of Invoices, Orders, Credits, and Quotes. Fully compatible with Proforma Invoices.

General Ledger and Budgeting

Create a budget with customisable periods and assign Budget Holders and Approval functions to responsible administrators.

Bills Payable

This module is used to keep track of your institution’s bills.

Purchasing and Requisitions

Empower staff to raise stock and purchase requisitions in “Requisition” and manage purchase orders in “Purchase”.

Budget Dashboard

Ease the burden on the accounts department with the Active Budget Dashboard function. Staff can view their budget codes as either chart view or transaction history.


Keep track of individual items from purchase to sale with the Inventory module. Take control of your institution’s stock at all times.


Take the stress out of payroll. Define payroll cycles and enter contracts for each member to create salary and salary-grade groups instantly.


A dynamic information portal for reporting and sharing news, upcoming events, forums and announcements specific to each user.


Keep track of enrolment enquiries from potential students and branch out with admissions marketing.


Manage all aspects of admissions including waiting lists, assessments, interviews and application fees. Accepted students can be automatically notified with SMS and e-mail notifications and auto-enrolled into the student database.

Student Record

Keep detailed student records with multiple pages of data including biography, attendance, behavioural observations, health information, incident reporting and more.

Parent/Sponsor Records

Log parent and sponsor records, contact details and relationships, as well as data from parent-educator meetings. All records are cross-referenced to facilitate navigation.

Calendar and Events

Manage events, activities, meetings, functions and venues, all integrated with online portals and the active Dashboard.

Document Management

Always have access to critical files with integrated online document management. Forms, curriculum, policies, guidelines and manuals are available securely to all stakeholders.

Alumni Donor Management

Keep in contact with past students with an automated bulk email and SMS features.


Remove the paper requirements for staff leave applications, management and annual leave accrual.

Parent Portal App

Through our Parent Portal App, you’ll have access to all the information relating to your child’s school journey.

Student Portal App

Students have everything they need to manage their education with the Student mobile application. Features include attending online classes, submitting assignments, viewing class schedules and much more.

Alumni Portal App

Keep connected to past students with our alumni portal app. Former students can manage their own data, stay in touch with their former classmates, and donate to their former schools.


Ed-drive is a cloud-like space in Ed-admin. In Ed-drive you can create folders and upload photos, notes and other files for access by students, staff and parents.

Human Resources Database

Keep track of your dependent’s educator’s records, including emergency contacts and security access credentials. You could even access information on their qualifications, education history and experience.

Staff Attendance Register

Track staff attendance on a daily basis with the option of biometric integration.

Staff Leave Management

Remove the paper requirements for staff leave applications, management and annual leave accrual.

Boarding House

Integrated boarding house management with enrollment and exeats functionality.

Transport Management

Manage trips and transport with easy scheduling and communication via SMS and email.

Helpdesk and Asset Register

Our Asset management tool has a dynamic structure to support all departments.

Why Choose Ed-admin Learning

Web-based application

Our browser applications can be locally hosted or cloud-based for secure access anywhere, anytime.


User-friendly & engaging

Our intuitive and engaging interface is easy to learn and implement with staff, students and parents.


Mobile applications

Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and alumni can connect to your institution from any device at any time based on a sophisticated user access level.


Fully integrated solution

Each module accesses data from a single database, making data management consistent, easy, and fully integratable with your institution’s website. It also maintains a high level of data integrity due to integration and limited duplicate capturing.


Fully supported helpdesk

Any issues? Our experienced and passionate staff are available with online and phone support.


Built to communicate

Manage communication with all stakeholders from a single point.



Flexible purchasing options through annual license fees. Book your free demonstration today!


A customizable solution that grows with your needs

As your institution grows, Ed-admin’s suite of modules grows with you. Our support and development team are on hand to tailor the customisable modules to your needs.


Powerful functionality developed through diverse partnerships around the world

Developed across multiple school models to ensure flexibility with your institution’s structure.


Integrated with

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